Saturday, October 26, 2013

Back at it!

"Nun of a Kind" is preparing for the upcoming show in Toronto, "The One of a Kind Show and Sale", being held this year from November 29-Dec.8th. A great place to shop for handmade for those special holiday gifts for your family, or yourself! It is a show featuring 800 vendors from across Canada, and is a "feast for the eyes"! This will be my fifth time exhibiting there (I do half of the show, from Nov. 29-Dec.2nd this year) and will be my last show there for the time being. Taking a break from it, but love it and always plan to go as a customer!!
To prepare for such a long "run" of days at a show, the booth has to be "full", meaning months of work preparing. Currently in the collection are over 100 "sisters", as well as a new line of "brothers". Add a touch of Christmas to the items, with a sampling of Santas, angels and snowfolk, plus a variety of ornaments, it means steady time at the machine and sculpting accents for the "sisterhood". Looking forward to meeting former customers and collectors, and visiting with fellow artisans during the time spent there this year!


  1. Welcome back! Can't wait to the Sisters, etc at the OOAK show!

  2. Looking forward to our annual five-minute visit, Meg! Next year, as a shopper, we can meet for wine!! :)