Sunday, October 21, 2012

New additions to the "Brotherhood"....

 Crazy time around here! Lots of things that had little to do with "production", and more to do with family chores, etc. that consumed a LOT of time! However, getting back to normal, and listing the new items that have been waiting to have their fifteen minutes of fame....
Pictured above....part of the "O Brother" collection, for those customers who have wanted something for the men in their lives as well as their "Sisters".... "The Brother Grim", sporting a look to match his name. I can imagine him with a collection of books, perhaps along side "Sister Paige Turner", the reader...
The "Souper Mario Brother" is for all of those guys who love to cook! Perhaps he can make a visit to "The Chew" to visit my favorite "Mario" brother!!


  1. Love "the ñew guys." Equal Opportunity I suppose.

  2. There will not be as many of these as there are of the "sisters" the boys will be in the minority!!