Wednesday, June 6, 2012

  Meet Mrs. Clarkson....a very special teacher indeed. Mrs. Clarkson lives in Joplin, Missouri, which was hit by a tornado on May 22,2011. The tornado destroyed a third of the town. The school at which Mrs. Clarkson works was completely leveled, as was the church. I recall seeing the news reports from the town after the disaster, and can only imagine what effect this devastation had on the community, and how they must re-live it to this day.
   Mrs. Clarkson loves to collect nun dolls, and her entire collection was destroyed, since it was on display at the time in her classroom. The families of the students wished to bestow upon her new "nuns" for her new collection this past Christmas. Two of the "moms" contacted me regarding "sisters" which would pertain to Mrs. Clarkson. She received these nun dolls at a presentation, along with a little gift from "Nun of a Kind" to help replenish her collection. Her new collection is displayed on the shelf behind her in the photo. I understand that every student in the class added a new nun doll/figurine to help the new collection grow. Mrs. Joplin is a very special teacher indeed, judging from the nice stories I heard about her! I am sure that she appreciates the caring student/parent community involved in making her personal loss a little less so....


  1. Terrible thing to have had to endure, but nice that there are some heart-warming stories of kindness and concern that are a result....

  2. the sisterhood lives on...she must be a great teacher & truly loved by her students & community! what a blessing for you to see your "nuns" at work & the joy they bring!

  3. This teacher is very special to these parents and students, by the sounds of it. Although the tragedy of the tornado was not a nice part of the story, being able to play a little part in a tiny bit of the restoration was nice!