Thursday, May 17, 2012

More "kids" in "lids"!

Meet Mr. K. and Miss A. in their new "kidlids"! These little darlings sported their new toppers to go to one of their doctor's appointments. Born at just a little over 2 pounds, the babies are now just over 5 pounds each, and doing well. Their mother is a marathon runner, and will be in trouble once these little folk get their own running legs, if they inherit her love of running! :)


  1. Absolutely precious...congrats to the new mommy! and congrats to you too Linda for getting two such beautiful models. love the "kidlids" name by the way! hope all is well for you Sista! :)

  2. Was just thinking about you, Annie! Hope that all is well! Yes, these little cuties are the perfect models, aren't they? Can only imagine how exciting life is going to be in that household now! :)