Saturday, May 26, 2012

"The Leather Lady!"

 At shows, I am referred to as the "nun lady", so I am transferring this salutation to my friend, Karen, who could be known as "the leather lady" for the beautiful leather collections she creates! Karen Gunna, of Karen Gunna Designs presents her beautiful handmade leather creations at shows across Canada. This photo shows Karen presenting at the 'One of a Kind" show in Toronto this past spring.
 Karen creates a multitude of fine leather goods in her home studio, everything from handy change pouches, to large leather bags and knapsacks. She has some wonderful items for travelers, and her work shows her fabulous sense of style.
 One piece that I own is this little 3-zipper pouch. Karen uses one of these as her actual wallet, with cards stored in the middle compartment, change and cash in the other two side compartments. I am finding this piece to be very handy indeed, and store all of the cards that one seems to collect for airmiles, department stores, etc. They are much easier to find when I need them, plus the bright orange color that I have is very easy to find in all of the "clutter" that I seem to accumulate in my actual handbag!
However, my favorite piece of all is my red "Ella" handbag which Karen is sporting here. It has many zippered compartments on the outside of the bag, and a few on the interior as well. I receive many compliments when I carry this bag! So nice to have something made by hand than something mass-produced!
I hope that you get the chance to visit Karen at one of her many shows throughout the year. Unlike me, Karen is busy doing shows all year long, and across Canada, so you may have a chance to meet her in person, and find your own special 'Karen Gunna" creation. If not, please visit her website and enjoy "browsing" her fine work!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

More "kids" in "lids"!

Meet Mr. K. and Miss A. in their new "kidlids"! These little darlings sported their new toppers to go to one of their doctor's appointments. Born at just a little over 2 pounds, the babies are now just over 5 pounds each, and doing well. Their mother is a marathon runner, and will be in trouble once these little folk get their own running legs, if they inherit her love of running! :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Talented Artist....

 Recently, I attended the "One of a Kind" show and sale in Toronto as a customer, not a vendor. It was great to take the time to visit booths that normally I do not have time to do while "working" the show with the "Sisters". Odile Gova, of "Woollyfabulous" was there with her amazing creations. Odile is the master of everything, it seems. She is one of the most artistic people that I have ever had the pleasure to meet, and she is always "on to" something new, while still providing her classic loved designs from the past to her customers as well.
 Odile featured unique pincushions at this show as well as her beautiful brooches and pins. The pincushions are little works of art. I could not resist bringing one home. Some are perched at the top of a bottle, or "thrifted" item, to hold pins, buttons, etc.
 Odile loves to work with felted items, which she felts herself. Her signature use of the metallic zipper in her designs is beautiful, and adds that bit of "bling" to each of these pieces.
She is working with a new product now, as well, and has fun with her embroidery skills to further embellish the pieces. Antique buttons are part of many of the designs as well.

Perhaps you will get a chance to visit with this talented lady at a future "One of a Kind" show in Toronto. If not, please visit her shop, "WoollyFabulous" at "Etsy"!