Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Number "Crunch"....

"The tax man cometh", and Sister Calculata has been busy preparing her return. Our U.S. friends have had their deadline date come and go, so their annual job is hopefully done! Here in Canada, we have until the end of the month to face the dreaded chore.
  Are you organized, having your files ready to do your own taxes, or to bring to a tax preparer? ...or, are you more apt to have a shoebox overflowing with receipts, info, and various slips of paper in hopes that someone can make some sense of it all? I imagine that the tax preparation offices will be very busy with the last minute work this week here!


  1. A calculating "sister". Yes, I am scrambling. Will be glad to see May.
    Happy Tax Week.

  2. How I love May when there are no tax papers to think about, search for, organize, and present! Good luck with yours, Meg!