Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Dessert....

From the files of "Pinterest", my greatest find so far! This is a recipe which I have searched for, after having tasted it at a local tearoom. In my mind, I had "figured it out", but was glad to have an actual recipe to determine actual ingredient measurements, etc. Imagine my delight when I found this recipe "pinned" on Pinterest...appropriately called "Lemon Delight"....
    This recipe appears to have been successful....we will found out later when it is served. However, I am fairly certain that I did something wrong with the bottom layer.....thought that I needed more, so attempted to increase the recipe for this by an extra half. Seems crumbly....
  Second, I found out why the recipe says to add the icing sugar slowly to the cream cheese required for the second layer. We may not have had much snow this winter in our area, but believe me, it was snowing at the moment I added the icing sugar my way (all at once) to the recipe. I posted in my personal "Facebook" page about this fact, and it was amazing to hear all of the confessions of similar experiences...everything from leaving the top off the blender while preparing berries, to dropping a turkey, to having a pressure cooker explode splaying beets throughout the kitchen. I guess I am not the only "Lucy Ricardo" in the kitchen!
   My recipe was changed only in one other way, by preparing actual lemon pie filling rather than instant for the third layer. I believe this is how the tearoom version was prepared.  We will see how my lovely looking Easter dessert is received later on today. Amazingly, it does look like this picture...but looks can be deceiving! Happy Easter to you all!


  1. I'm sure your real lemon filling will be better than the recipe's instant pie filling. Let me know how it turned out!

  2. I agree...the picture looks as though this is lemon pie filling, not pudding, to me. However, we all know that my experience in the kitchen is limited....!

  3. I have to tip my hat to you for just trying to make this recipe. I wouldn't have even pinned it ... For the photo maybe, but not to do it. I am really impressed with your bravery. Now you have to let us know how it tasted.

  4. Meg, I rarely make desserts, but this seemed to be so much like the one I had enjoyed at a tearoom, so had to try it...and "nailed" it! It was a "hit", and will be added to my limited list of successful menu items!