Saturday, March 31, 2012

What I Learned from "Pinterest"....

If you have not yet discovered the "Pinterest" site, then please heed my warning. Do not attempt to visit this site unless you are prepared to find yet another internet "addiction". This site, which shows listings and information which other subscribers "post", is the ultimate "eye candy" for SO many interests. The beauty of this is that once you "join", you are then able to create your own "boards", and therefore can refer to them for the interesting material you managed to find.
   So far, I have found and "pinned" recipes, healthy and otherwise, great cleaning ideas, fashion, hairstyles (once again forgetting that I do not have the type of hair needed to accomplish these hairdresser will laugh the way she did when I brought in the picture of Oprah's hairstyle...), room decorating ideas, quilting, funny quotes and cartoons, and products/creations I would love to buy. Once you "pin" the information, "clicking" on that info will generally bring you to the original post, and to the tutorial, recipe, information that you would need to explore further that particular idea.
   Hint....Keep a timer by the computer when you gaze at this site and limit yourself. When the timer sounds, walk away from the computer...or re-set it for a longer period of time like I do! Happy pinning!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

"Sister Patty O'Lantern" once again coming your way to wish you the best of the day tomorrow on St. Patrick's day. For those who are Irish, and those who wish to be, no doubt there will be lots of green beer, and Irish tunes wherever you may be!