Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kentucky "Sisters"!

One of my very favorite plays is "Nunsense"....I have seen many variations of these plays, and some more than once. It is my "inner nun" that makes me want to join them on stage in these hilarious adventures that take place in every version. I am lucky that in some small way, I do get to be a part of these productions, in that several of the "sisters" from "Nun of a Kind", have been "gifted" to the talented players of these groups. Pictured here is one such group. Deb, the "Mother Superior" in the centre of the picture, contacted me a few weeks ago to purchase items for some of the cast of the show, being presented this week to sold-out crowds at their theater in Kentucky. The show was so popular that they had to add another performance! No wonder! Look at the enthusiasm in this group!
   The fellow in the background is the director, and husband of (dare I say it?), Mother Superior! (Deb....)  I can just bet that this little ensemble will be looking at some of the other versions by Dan Goggin to perform in the future! Thanks to Deb for sharing the photo, and the great story!


  1. I went to the University of Kentucky and if the nuns are as nice as all the people of that great state, you should become an honorary member. There ain't nun..thing you can't do.

    1. These ladies were great, Meg! I think that they had a lot of fun doing this production of "Nunsense"!