Friday, February 10, 2012

The Collector!

Every year, at one of the shows at which I exhibit, I am visited by a lovely lady who purchases several "sisters" for her grandmother, who is unable to attend the show herself. This tradition began at the very beginnings of "Nun of a Kind", and Grandma has amassed several more than pictured here. She uses her collection to "gift" certain people in the family, if a certain name, hobby, or profession of a certain nun doll suits them, and has them placed around her home as decorations. Her granddaughter makes a point to visit the booth every year to add to the collection. This year, I added some "Little Sister" ornaments to the purchase for another little gift for Grandma. She has made earrings out of them for this photo!
Michelle (the granddaughter) explains the traditions that Grandma follows in "distributing" her "sisters"....

  After all these years we are finally sending you a group picture of Grandma and her many nuns.
I first purchased her a nun from the  craft show approximately 10 years ago.  This was the best gift that Christmas!  Each year we make a trip to the  craft show JUST for your Nuns, as we could not possible go a year with out one.
My Great Uncle Paul (Kay's brother) a former Jesuit Brother now lives in a long term care centre run by Nuns, has received Sister Superior and Sister Holy Mackerel (because you need fish for the soup).  They are very much enjoyed by all.

My Great Aunt Eileen, has Sister Holy Roller because we felt she needed a little good luck.
All the Nun's grandma has received now has a name of someone in the family written on it.  They are to be handed down to the family member she feels suits them the most.  Now that the Monks have arrived, we have a whole new set of members to assign them to....cause we can't leave out the boys :)

Grandma had worked on the ships as a cook when she was in her 20's. Had 5 children, 5 grandchildren and 6 great grand daughters.  She loves music, poetry, dancing and figure skating.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as they have brought much joy to our family....every Christmas it's a given she will get another, the fun is what the newest addition will be.

 This was such a great story to hear! Thanks, Michelle, for sharing certainly "made my day", and it was great to "meet" Grandma, at long last!


  1. That is so darn cool. What a fan but who could blame her? Your sisters are such a joy and a great laugh each day. Congrats to you my friend and to your most "devoted" collector.

  2. What a wonderful treasure that note is Linda! Your sisterhood is TOTALLY part of the family!!! have a happy weekend!

  3. It was great to finally "meet" Grandma, and to hear what has happened to some of her collection! Don't you just love hearing stories about where your items go, and the reactions?

  4. What a lovely story. How nice of them to share it with you.