Sunday, December 18, 2011

Almost ready....

to shut down the workshop until the new year. Some orders are still filtering in, but should not take too long, unlike the list that was facing me last week! This is the point in the year at which I run out of things...or misplace them....or forgot to order them....etc. Each of the figures that I make requires that I sew and paint heads and hands. Of course....I ran out of the prepared ones. That is a delay of two days. Because I had one figure left to make, it caused my eye to wander to some of the figures that I had removed from the collection for various reasons...a process done a few times of year to make sure that the figures meet the quality control! In a very "Dexter" like move, the hands were removed from one of the figures to apply to another. A bit creepy, but "saved the day". Reminds me of making macrame owls "back in the day" and using guinea hen feathers to apply to the finished piece. No guinea hen feathers to be found in any supply store in this whole city....but happened to notice some on a guinea hen at the local animal farm during a visit with my young child....and no, I was not that desperate. No guinea hens were harmed in the making of said macrame owl!


  1. LOL - good luck finishing everything up! and way to make it work girl!!! :D being resourceful is the best part of being a creative spirit! Merry Christmas Linda!

  2. Thanks, Annie! Hope that all is well in the land of Minimocs! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!