Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Very Special Sister....

is the reason that this particular "Sister" has been created. At shows, I am often asked to create a new "sister", and this request was a reminder of one of the reasons that all of this began in the first place! The request was for a nun for a piano teacher....and my own piano teacher was one of the three special "sisters" which prompted this site. Pictured here is "Sister Mary Melody"....my own special Sister was Sister St. Louis, who taught music at a local convent. Every week, I would take two different buses to reach that destination, and from the age of eleven until she retired just before I left for university, I spent an hour a week with this very patient woman. Although I love to play the piano (and do it less and less now), I cannot imagine listening to students struggle with the keys each week, hour after hour. She was always very encouraging, but firm. When she celebrated her fiftieth year in the order, she gave me a gift of the rosary which she wore during that time, and it is a very special treasure to this day. She prepared her students through the practical and written portions of the conservatory work, and again, I must applaud her patience. She is missed.


  1. what a beautiful story Linda...and your Sister St. Louis sounds like an amazing & kind woman! that gentle, firm & loving way she had obviously impacted you greatly! your KNOW i love the sisterhood so my hat is off to the woman who help start it all...Sister St. Louis AKA Sister Mary Melody!

  2. I will add that Sister always directed me to the chapel just before my lesson to have a quick prayer...often, I was praying that she thought that I had practiced!