Monday, September 5, 2011

The Sole Sister....

had a huge influence on my shopping "habits" this summer! She, the "sister" who loves shoes, was with me in spirit during my shopping expeditions, forcing me to purchase nine new pairs of shoes! Insanity! Truth be told, all of them were on sale, and the pricing was so good that the stores were practically paying me to take them home! (that's my story and I am sticking to it...)
The sad fact is three pairs of these shoes are totally not useful for my daily life, at this point. The five-inch stilettos are not going to be too useful for craft shows, working in my workroom, or the occasional days in the classroom. They did make it to a wedding this summer, though!
The other shoes were a little more practical, and added to the massive collection I already have, I am sure that they will eventually see some use. Can a "sister" have too many shoes? I think not!


  1. ...and Annie, you live near a DSW shoe store...I understand that is a day's adventure in shoe shopping in itself! How many new pairs of shoes did YOU buy this year?? :)

  2. What is it about shoes? Women and their shoes. Little pieces of glory on our feet that usually pinch and hurt but does that stop us from buying them? Absolutely not. Your Sole sister will be one of your most popular sisters this season.

  3. ...and the types of shoes! The ones that are definitely "sitting shoes", and the ones that have to be more useful, and unfortunately, not as pretty!