Thursday, September 1, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year....

and one that many people, young and older, are dreading, unless they are the fortunate ones leaving for university or college for the first time....Otherwise, this "back to school" business is not so appealing! I spend fewer and fewer days in classrooms these days, and do not have to rush back to prepare a classroom, etc., so the upcoming weekend holiday holds no sense of "dread" for me. The signs that summer is fading, after a very late start, is the upsetting part!
On the other hand, it is also the beginning of craft show season for me. I do not do summer shows, partly because I exhibit many Christmas decor items at my shows as well as the "sisters", and partly because....well, it is too nice for me to work on the few weekends that we have in the summer! So, the next few months will be spent working frantically on all of the items that are in various stages of production in my workroom. Nothing like a deadline to make me work at optimum speed! In the next few posts, you will be introduced to the five new "sisters" who are joining the order for the fall shows. My mind has been working, even though my hands have been more idle than they should have been!
Enjoy these last "official" days of summer!


  1. In my early years, I was a teacher and every time Labor Day weekend arrives, my stomach still does a little flip remembering the time and effort that was needed to start school off with a bang. I still see September as the beginning of a new year and I love the Fall.

  2. OH Linda how exciting some new sisters joining the "Sister Hood" can't wait! although this summer was too short for me too i do feel like i got a little more out of it than i usually do as far as pool and patio time!

  3. Meg, I was just going to go in and "edit" this post with that very thought...that September is like the beginning of the year for me! Fall is my favorite season, too, once I get used to the fact that summer is over. Routine helps me get a lot more done than in the lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer!

  4. Annie, glad that you got to use your pool and patio to the "max"! That part of summer is really hard to leave!! Have a great holiday weekend!