Thursday, August 18, 2011

Annual Spending Spree!

Our annual trip to the tent sale at the "Spinrite Factory" took place today! Cathy was the chauffeur this year, and we did our usual route....Our first stop was at a quilt shop. We are getting better about restraint at that shop. Cathy purchased what she needed, and I purchased....nothing! (that is a "first"!)
Our second stop was at the tent sale. We had never been there during the first week before, so seeing so many people in the tent, and so many people in line was a big change...but did not stop us! The first year that we went to this sale, we scoffed at the fact that the staff gave us a garbage bag, presumably to fill with our new "finds". We could not believe that anyone would buy so much yarn. We took home about three garbage bags full of yarn bargains that day. We became "believers" in the tent sale!
This year, Cathy refrained from buying any yarn, stating that she had not yet used up the yarn from last year! (I didn't know that we were supposed to do that before we bought more!??) I, however, was in my glory! I found many colors of cotton which I had not been able to find in our stores, and kept filling those bags. We discovered as we carried them out of the tent sale that cotton is much heavier than the yarn which we usually buy, so it was an adventure getting them to Cathy's car. Cathy carried one of the heavy bags....she goes for another therapy session on her back tomorrow. I hope that the tent sale did not ruin her previous treatments! The bags which are loaded in the car contain all of my "treasures" from today's sale. However, there is still a main building in which to shop. I managed to buy only a regular sized bag in that part of the store!
On our way home, we visited "The Wagon Shed" in Arva, Ontario, which features spinning, quilts, yarns, handmade articles, etc. The owner spent a long time with us, explaining the business, and telling us her stories. What a great place to go to create! I envy her this great spot! She was piecing together some quilt blocks when we arrived, and moved over to her spinning wheel while she spoke with us. Talented, and interesting!
My next chore is to sort out my "candy" from today....move all of that yarn to an appropriate spot in the house! Some has made it to the hall tree bench in the front hall (for immediate use) and I expect that the rest will be packaged in bins, and placed in my craft storage unit....along with the rest of last year's yarn purchases not yet used! :)


  1. "and I expect that the rest will be packaged in bins, and placed in my craft storage unit....along with the rest of last year's yarn purchases not yet used! :)"

    Lol, I watch auction hunters somtimes and when you said your storage "unit" I pictured someone bidding on your storage locker one day, at first seeing just mounds of garbage bags and finding a whole craft store instead!

  2. We see that show as well now and again, and I imagine them "rooting" through all of my bins, and seeing all of the display equipment. I wonder if I left unfinished work in there if some little sewing elves would finish it up for me!
    I have already used some of my new yarn in two completed items! Maybe I will make a "dent" in my bins and bins of yarn!

  3. There's nothing like a day out with great friends buying the stashs of items that will get you through the long Canadian winter. I get buying materials you never get around to using. I was a glutton for pretty fabrics ... just to stack up and look at. Hated cutting into them.
    Have a nice weekend.

  4. Oh, yes, the fabrics....didn't even mention my "stash" of those! As far as the yarn is concerned, it becomes my mission to try to use as much as possible before the next year...didn't do so well this year, but it didn't stop me from buying more!
    Have a wonderful weekend. I hope that you get to see the orange CN tower in honour of Jack Layton.