Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Heat is On....

and how are you all coping with it? We wait all winter for this, but it has taken a while to get here and is quite a shock!! Sister Esther Jen here is suffering from her own personal "summers", but she is a good example of expressions on faces during this heat wave!
The "heat is on" for another reason....very slack about getting items ready for the upcoming shows, and September is just around the corner! Work best under pressure, so have set myself up for it once again this year!
In the meantime, find somewhere cool to sit, something cool to drink, good books to read, and a minimum of work to do....and we should all survive the rising thermometer readings, which we will wish for once again in a few short months!!


  1. i've been loving my pool and AC!!! 102F heat index here today...look out pool here i come! ;)

    hope you're staying cool too Linda!

  2. Yes, the pool and the A.C. are getting well-used here, too! Too bad about the heat for the Ann Arbor Art hot to be exhibiting there all weekend...although I would love to go to it! Keep cool!

  3. Sister looks like me in this picture. "Is it hot in here or is it me?"
    I'm not doing much in this heat ... like you, I'm enjoying the time reading books that have piled up on my side table. It's almost like a snow storm in Toronto ... so few people on the street.
    Stay cool.

  4. Thank goodness for air-conditioning! I guess we are never happy...too hot, too cold, but like "Goldilocks", we want the weather to be "just right"! Happy reading, Meg!

  5. I enjoy all seasons from behind my climent controlled window pane. But summer is my favourite! I love the heat!

  6. Well, you have the heat now! I can't imagine the year without everyone a little of what they like! Hope that you get out of that office to enjoy it!