Saturday, July 23, 2011

First Triathlon....

in which I have ever participated! No, not as this "dashing dude" who has been in a running race...
or this cyclist....but as someone who puts the numbers on the runners/riders/swimmers. My idea of a personal triathlon is quite different...stop, drop, and roll...? eat, drink, and be merry...?
This local triathlon today saw many participants ready to brave our still humid, hot weather to be in various parts, or all three of the activities. After "marking" these people (with permanent marker, no less! Apparently, sunscreen takes it off your skin! Good to know!), I did watch the swimming event. A great day for this...the water was perfect, and the temperature a lot warmer than in other years. They are still riding, and running out there now....but I am back home in the air-conditioning! My "event" is over for another year! :)
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  1. sounds to me like you've got the best seat in the house! too HOT for all that running around!
    ;) can you tell i'm enjoying the AC too?

  2. That's great Linda ... putting numbers on the participants in this humidity is also quite a feat. Good for YOU!!! So now, go back to your specialty ... stop, drop and roll while you eat, drink and become merry.
    That's my kind of triathlon too.

  3. Great to have the A/C in weather like this! I can't imagine running or biking in this weather for a triathlon! I like your idea, Meg...combining my two ideas of such an event! I admire those participants greatly, though, and was amazed at the age of some of them! Put me to shame! Keep cool!