Saturday, July 9, 2011

Clever, clever!

As a person who is obsessed with puns, had to share these photos taken earlier this year of some clever names given to these boats.
This one is particularly clever! I wonder if it is prone to sudden surges of heat....
Simon and Garfunkel would be proud of this one!


  1. With their way with "words", they all must be relatives of yours. Funny.

  2. I would hope to have a visit on one of those watercraft if they were relatives of mine! I have a "sinking" feeling that they are absolutely no relation, though....

  3. I sense a boating nun on the way! :)

  4. How did you know? This new one will be a sailing "sister"....Sister Regatta....the weather has been too nice to get working on this, but coming soon to a convent near you..... :)