Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer...finally here??

After the longest spring rainy season ever it seems, the summer season is finally arriving! The "kick off" to the summer craft show season began as well...our local "Artwalk", and "Art in the Park" in Windsor, Ontario. Both enjoyed spectacular weather this weekend, and thankfully so. Last year, both shows had to shut down early because of violent weather, winds and rainfall. It is great that the organizers and the vendors were able to enjoy strong crowds, and likely, great sales due to the better weather this year. Sadly, because of family commitments, I was not able to attend the shows, either as a vendor or a buyer!
This week promises to be warmer, and more humid. Perhaps you will be enjoying the lake, a pool, or a garden hose like this one shown "cooling off" children on a hot summer's day. After the winter we had....bring it on!
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  1. Couldn't agree with you more!!! Just being outside ... without an umbrella .... make a great day.
    Hope that you will have lots of shows to attend as both a buyer and/or a vendor. Tis the season.

  2. You must be enjoying that new patio of yours! "Tis more the season" for enjoying the sun, and my own backyard rather than being at shows these product is not very "weather-friendly". Will be back doing shows again in about you? Shows this year?

  3. sorry you missed the shows but very happy to hear summer has finally arrived for you!!! we are now enjoying warmer temps too and hubby got our pool open today! YEAH!!!

    love your choice of photo!!!

  4. With the nasty weather around lately, it seems as though summer has "come on" quickly...and it is JUNE! Glad that your pool is open for business...ours is in the process!