Friday, June 17, 2011

Photo help for "Etsy"....

I love to create. I hate to take photos. I do not have the ability, nor do I want to take the time to learn a complicated photo editing program. I have little success with a light box. Love a pure white background for photos, but no matter what, could never seem to find the "cure" for my photos. Instead, I would head back down to the sewing room, and sew something rather than try to fix/improve my photos...and this fixing/improving is such an important task for "etsy" photos.
Enter a new app available to "etsy" shops...this app is called "Fotofuze", and one can access it directly from the "etsy" account. The photo correction process involves choosing the photo (which you upload into their site), and then using a "highlighter" with your computer mouse, to fill in the item and the shadows. You then have a chance to preview, and then upload the corrected photo. Once you have the five that you may want for any given listing, the corrected photos can be uploaded directly to your "etsy" site. Amazing! You can see in this first example that my background is quite yellow. Not bad, but not what I was going for....

In the corrected example, the background is completely white! Love it! Even a "techno-peasant" like me managed to do this! Working my way through my photos until I get a chance to re-do some of them (remember, I run to the sewing machine instead of the camera!), but the results for the ones that I have finished so far are much better than the originals' background. The service is completely free. However, if you wish, and this is a feature that you would find yourself using, along with some of the other apps or sites available, one may choose to contribute a given amount to be distributed among the sites that you like. (through ""...explained on the site) This is an option....otherwise, totally free!
Since I have two shops, I tried to use the app for both, and even though I thought that I had registered each separately, I must have made an error somewhere, because for a while, they were "mixed". Have no fear! Support at Fotofuze returned my plea for help quite quickly, and worked with me to solve the problem. (and by "worked with me", I mean they solved the problem...the part I did was tell them about it! :)
So, if you are having the same photo difficulty as I am, you might like to try this app!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer...finally here??

After the longest spring rainy season ever it seems, the summer season is finally arriving! The "kick off" to the summer craft show season began as well...our local "Artwalk", and "Art in the Park" in Windsor, Ontario. Both enjoyed spectacular weather this weekend, and thankfully so. Last year, both shows had to shut down early because of violent weather, winds and rainfall. It is great that the organizers and the vendors were able to enjoy strong crowds, and likely, great sales due to the better weather this year. Sadly, because of family commitments, I was not able to attend the shows, either as a vendor or a buyer!
This week promises to be warmer, and more humid. Perhaps you will be enjoying the lake, a pool, or a garden hose like this one shown "cooling off" children on a hot summer's day. After the winter we had....bring it on!
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