Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Kids" in "Lids"

Examples of some new "kid lids" added recently to the "Sticks and Strings" site...rolled brim "cloche" with soft pink daisy...
Again, featured with a moss green daisy....
One of my favorites...cream on cream....with a layered flower...a great photo "prop"!
And a lovely young lady wearing the rolled brim beanie with the "popcorn" texture and a three-layer flower....

The "Sisters" are going to be jealous about all the time I have spent making these items! Our local hospital shop is now carrying the infant sizes. The trick will be not to spend more than I earn in there! So many lovely gift items for all ages....


  1. I still think you need a Broads in Lids too. The Sisters wouldn't mind that, don't you think?

  2. Maybe I will have to start making those on some of the "sisters"...kill two birds with one stone, so to speak! Seriously, there are some women out there with my hats, and I should get a photo of them in their "chapeaux" to start adding those to the line! Like the "broads" idea..."Brimmed Broads"?? :)

  3. such beautiful work!!! and what a sweet little model! :)

  4. I wish that I had access to some more "models" like this! Have some hats in the hands of some photographers, so am looking forward to pics with actual kids!