Sunday, May 15, 2011

Girlfriends and other "sisters"....

probably the most important people in your life, other than immediate family. The ones who listen to your problems, (usually without judgement!), love to hear about new events in your life, "aunts" to your kids, and laugh at "life" with you!
There are "Lucy" friends, and "Ethel" friends...the leaders and the followers. The "Thelma" friends and the "Louise" friends....looking for adventures. Most of my life, I have been "Lucy" to my friends....mostly because of my "Lucy" moments, not so much for leadership! However, of late, one of my best friends is rapidly gaining the "Lucy" crown....and we share many laughs because of this. She has delivered shoes to me from the gym, thinking that I left them there, when, in fact, they were not my shoes, and someone might have been wondering how she was going to get home from the gym without her shoes...she has run into a building to retrieve something, and jumped back into a running car, while her running car was sitting beside this one....she has forgotten that she brought her car to the gym, and walked to the coffee shop without bringing her car with her....and so on, and so on! Her mishaps are my amusement, and laughter is the best medicine! (plus, I am glad that things like this happen to someone else for a change!) :)
Who are you in your relationships with your friends? "Lucy" or "Ethel"??



  1. Love this post. I've never thought about friends falling into an Ethel or Lucy category but opposites do attract. In my relationships, I am probably both depending on my friend or the situation we may be in. But, in a friendship or any relationship for that matter, laughter is the glue that holds it together.
    Thanks for a though provoking post.

  2. Laughter...and maybe sharing some wine!....I do think that we "switch" back and forth depending on the personalities involved as to whether we are "Lucy" or "Ethel", as you say. Isn't is sad that the upcoming generations won't know who we are talking about when we mention these two??

  3. Great post Lynn! Hmmmmm I would say that I am Lucy with my one best friend, and with the other one, Ethel. Best of both worlds? LOL


  4. I agree with you, Sue, that we seem to "float" between the two types. Most of the time I am the "Lucy" in the duo....but with my friend, Carol,
    the title for "Lucy" had to be handed over. Every day is an adventure with that one!