Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"Kids" in "Lids"

Examples of some new "kid lids" added recently to the "Sticks and Strings" site...rolled brim "cloche" with soft pink daisy...
Again, featured with a moss green daisy....
One of my favorites...cream on cream....with a layered flower...a great photo "prop"!
And a lovely young lady wearing the rolled brim beanie with the "popcorn" texture and a three-layer flower....

The "Sisters" are going to be jealous about all the time I have spent making these items! Our local hospital shop is now carrying the infant sizes. The trick will be not to spend more than I earn in there! So many lovely gift items for all ages....

Monday, May 23, 2011

"Garden of Weedin'"

and pruning, and trimming, and clearing, and dividing....amazing how our very rainy spring has managed to help cultivate everything into "overgrowth"...and even the weeds! A recent sunny day allowed a partial start to the yard. Thankfully, my yard is not quite as overgrown as that shown in this photo....(thanks to for the photo!) but it will take several days to get around the yard in hopes of bringing it to its best. Why is it that it seems like a good idea to add gardens when one first moves into a place, only to realize that the upkeep easily becomes a chore rather than a joy? When all is finally "back in shape", (and the weather cooperates to allow for this to happen), many hours will be spent out there enjoy the fruits of my labor...reading, floating in the pool, enjoying coffee on the deck....and trying to avoid noticing that those chores all need doing again!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Girlfriends and other "sisters"....

probably the most important people in your life, other than immediate family. The ones who listen to your problems, (usually without judgement!), love to hear about new events in your life, "aunts" to your kids, and laugh at "life" with you!
There are "Lucy" friends, and "Ethel" friends...the leaders and the followers. The "Thelma" friends and the "Louise" friends....looking for adventures. Most of my life, I have been "Lucy" to my friends....mostly because of my "Lucy" moments, not so much for leadership! However, of late, one of my best friends is rapidly gaining the "Lucy" crown....and we share many laughs because of this. She has delivered shoes to me from the gym, thinking that I left them there, when, in fact, they were not my shoes, and someone might have been wondering how she was going to get home from the gym without her shoes...she has run into a building to retrieve something, and jumped back into a running car, while her running car was sitting beside this one....she has forgotten that she brought her car to the gym, and walked to the coffee shop without bringing her car with her....and so on, and so on! Her mishaps are my amusement, and laughter is the best medicine! (plus, I am glad that things like this happen to someone else for a change!) :)
Who are you in your relationships with your friends? "Lucy" or "Ethel"??


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing "Moms" everywhere a day filled with sunshine, flowers, and family! (dinner served by someone else would be nice, too!)