Saturday, April 2, 2011

Reverend Mother of Purl....

has a new home! This special version of "Reverend Mother of Purl" was created by special order for Janice and Caitlin of "Heaven is Handmade", a lovely new yarn store which opened in our town last fall. At this shop, one can purchase the most wonderful artisan yarns, and the ladies are always willing to lend a hand with knitting issues, sharing ideas, and general good knitting "company"!
"Reverend Mother of Purl" in her new home beside a "knitting" chair...along with a regular size version of this selection.
Just one view of the great selection one can find at this shop. "ZigZagStitches" project bags are available here, as are lovely yarns from Zen Yarn Garden. If you are a knitter, and you are in the area, you will want to stop in to have a look!


  1. How smart of ZigZagStitches to bring in the Mother of all knits and purls. It will be a good partnership for you as well. I bet you will sell lots of the sisters and the store will sell lots of yarn. Working together to enhance your businesses.

  2. Actually, ZigZagStitches sells her bags there. The shop owners from "Heaven is Handmade" are wonderful to include local vendors, like me and Roxanne of "ZenYarnGarden" as well. You are right about the networking! Nice to have such a place willing to do this!

  3. Congrats on your placement! I will mention it to my aunt. She's down in Southern Ontario.

  4. It is a lovely store for knitters. I don't knit complicated things, but their great yarn makes it look like I do!! :)