Friday, April 8, 2011

Connie's Tea Room....

in Petrolia, Ontario, is a wonderful place to "do lunch"! Connie, pictured with the gift of "Sister Amelia Love", is the proprietor, and the person who works so hard to prepare delicious meals for lunches...along with her fantastic selection of desserts! I meant to take a picture of the favorite dessert that I sometimes always seem to order, (a lemon cheesecake, topped with lemon, and dare I say it...whipped cream!) but somehow, this dessert disappeared before I remembered to take a photo!
Connie designed and decorated her tearoom, and it has become a favorite place to visit when in this little town. The "Victoria Playhouse Theatre" is nearby, and during the summer season, Connie's becomes a busy little spot for theatre-goers as well. So nice to see this talented young lady "living her dream"! I just hope that my visits out there are not too frequent, given the fact that I cannot resist the dessert!


  1. looks SO charming like a really nice meeting place!!!

  2. It is lovely, and the food is great. Connie was just a teenager when I first met her, and she always had an interest in decorating, etc. and has a wonderful personality. She is perfect to run such a place...and the cooking talent was a surprise to me!

  3. Connie has done a wonderful job making her tea room so cozy and then couple that with delicious desserts, how can she go wrong? I laughed when I read that you ate the cheesecake before you took the picture. I do that all the time. I go to a place with the intention of using the pictures for my blog and half way through my meal, I realize I forgot to snap away. Food is too important to me I guess. That's scary. Have a nice weekend.

  4. No wonder we get along so well, Meg! :) You have a great weekend, too!