Saturday, March 5, 2011


rejoice! There is help for us all...and it comes in the form of a 16 year old young man who appears regularly on the "Marilyn Denis" show, shown nationally on Canadian television stations. Nicholas Montgomery does a fantastic job of explaining to people less experienced with technological/electronic devices of why, and how best to use them. For those of us who used to leave the VCR blinking "12:00" whenever there was a power failure, simply because we didn't know how to fix it (put masking tape over it...:), this young man does an amazing job of explaining the information. He really is an asset to the show. If you do not have access to this television show, you will be able to see some of this at the website.
For years, Marilyn Denis was the host of "Cityline" in Toronto. She has an amazing wit, and is able to converse with anyone comfortably. It was a sad day when we learned that she would no longer be hosting the show. Thankfully, a few years later now, we are able to enjoy Marilyn on her own show. She hosts many celebrities (just had a wonderful interview with Sir Elton John), and has her own little group of "experts" in their fields, including a butler who lets us "in" on many butler secrets, as far as keeping up a home, entertaining, etc. Whether I am sewing, working at home, or spending time on a treadmill, Marilyn is a great companion with whom to spend some time. Again, information available at for those who are unable to view the actual broadcasts.
Back to technology...yesterday, Nicholas was discussing digital cameras, photos, etc. Time to apply some of my new-found knowledge now!


  1. i will definitely be checking this out on-line...i am a techno-challenged being and need all the help i can get :) thank for the tip!!!

  2. Glad that I am not alone! This young guy is remarkably "at ease" on this show, and addresses many of the issues that involve the tech/electronic stuff that most of us eventually give in to...I am very impressed with him!

  3. Thanks so much Linda! You just made my day! :)

    I really appreciate the kind words and so glad that I can help you all with your tech problems.

    I'm having so much fun with the show and please share some of your pictures since you've got some new tips/tricks!

  4. Thanks, Nich! I love your segments on the show. You help those of us who are "drowning" in too much information too fast! I learned how to store photos safely from your last episode. I think that my two computers, extra hard drive and a small Flickr account will do it, but when the other computer dies, I will be trying one of those that you mentioned on the show for sure! Keep up the good work!

  5. I haven't had the time to watch many of the Marilyn Dennis' new shows but it sounds like she is presently some great help topics. Definitely will give her new show a peek when I find my remote in all this mess. Oh to be back to normal and watch some great TV.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  6. Meg, when you get all settled, you will be able to GO to her show! She would probably love to have you as a guest artist! I know that I would watch that show, for sure! Another great show would be to have those before and after shots of your new place. You would be a wealth of show topics all on your own!