Saturday, March 26, 2011

Miss Mallory...

visited a baby show in our town today, and I was able to personally give her part of a gift (a hat from my "Sticks and Strings" shop) that I have been meaning to bring over for some time now! It seems that each time that I buy something for a baby gift, it is ages before I actually get it over to the intended recipient, and this baby is no different in receiving things later than I intend. Thankfully, she came to this little show today, and Mom Laura was able to pick out one that she liked. Mallory is a beautiful, smiling baby girl, and apparently is very good-natured, and even allows her parents to get a decent night's sleep...even at four months!
Let's hope that I get the rest of the gift over to Miss Mallory before she heads off to university!


  1. OH MY - what a lovely she is!!! isn't it wonderful to see first hand your beautiful creations on the beautiful creations they're meant for!!! hope you're having a great weekend!

  2. I am sure that her little feet could use some of your creations, Annie! One day, we may be able to do a baby show together! :)
    ...and yes, the hats look so much better when the model is a beautiful baby like this one!

  3. Mallory looks absolutely stunning (baby style) in her couture hat by Madame Nun. She's a real cutie and she will look seeing this photo when she get older and be impressed that her Mom had a friend that made beautiful hat.s

  4. Mallory's mom was a wee babe born to a family we lived next to in our previous this is a special baby indeed!