Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beautiful Snowfall...

but I certainly hope that this was the last one of the season! A week ago, we had a "surprise" snowfall, and although beautiful, we all thought that spring was finally here. Our lovely little local library nestled among snow-laden branches...
and one of our local parks wearing the last (we hope!) coat of winter!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Miss Mallory...

visited a baby show in our town today, and I was able to personally give her part of a gift (a hat from my "Sticks and Strings" shop) that I have been meaning to bring over for some time now! It seems that each time that I buy something for a baby gift, it is ages before I actually get it over to the intended recipient, and this baby is no different in receiving things later than I intend. Thankfully, she came to this little show today, and Mom Laura was able to pick out one that she liked. Mallory is a beautiful, smiling baby girl, and apparently is very good-natured, and even allows her parents to get a decent night's sleep...even at four months!
Let's hope that I get the rest of the gift over to Miss Mallory before she heads off to university!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Do You "Journal"?

This seems to be something that people routinely do, and I admire them for it. I started a little "line a day" journal, which tracks activities for five years...the journal, my only purchase on a recent trip to Florida. (how did I end up in an area with absolutely no shopping???) In any case, this seemed like a good idea at the time. A month "in", though, I am already changing the format. First of all, most of my entries to date have been completely boring, plagued with daily chores, events, etc. Nothing exciting for future generations to read! Rather than resort to fictional writing to "spice" things up a bit, the format will now be "what did I learn today"....hopefully, there will be some little thing that is "new" to me....
Do you "journal"? Every day? Gratitude journal? Would love to hear what others find successful!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Trees of Life...

by a talented new jewelry artist, Kate, of "Accented Elements"! Shown here are two variations of one of Kate's specialties, the "Tree of Life" pendant. I am lucky enough to own one, and every time that I wear it, I receive many compliments about it. (I own the tree of life in amethyst, but all of the colors are beautiful!) Also pictured is that particular design with garnet stones. I have "gifted" friends with the jade colored stones, and also the coral...so easy to find one that "fits" the favorite clothing color of the recipient! She makes beautiful "one of a kind" statement pieces as well.
Not only is this young lady talented in her jewelry making, she also creates felted hats. Her work can be seen at her blog, which she has used to showcase the various media in which she works. Simply click on the headings of the type of work you would like to see to view her hats, (not yet available in her shop, but questions can be sent to her email from this site regarding these), her wrapped jewelry, her feather jewelry, etc. I have a feeling that the list will grow! She has even taught herself to knit and has completed some wonderful projects that may one day be added to her shop! Talent galore! (did I mention that she is also a talented musician??)
She is also doing custom wedding jewelry, and would be happy to entertain requests. I recently commissioned her to create little nest pendants for all of my nieces with pearls that were from their grandmother's necklace. A lovely keepsake, and a beautiful piece of jewelry to add to their collection!

Saturday, March 5, 2011


rejoice! There is help for us all...and it comes in the form of a 16 year old young man who appears regularly on the "Marilyn Denis" show, shown nationally on Canadian television stations. Nicholas Montgomery does a fantastic job of explaining to people less experienced with technological/electronic devices of why, and how best to use them. For those of us who used to leave the VCR blinking "12:00" whenever there was a power failure, simply because we didn't know how to fix it (put masking tape over it...:), this young man does an amazing job of explaining the information. He really is an asset to the show. If you do not have access to this television show, you will be able to see some of this at the website.
For years, Marilyn Denis was the host of "Cityline" in Toronto. She has an amazing wit, and is able to converse with anyone comfortably. It was a sad day when we learned that she would no longer be hosting the show. Thankfully, a few years later now, we are able to enjoy Marilyn on her own show. She hosts many celebrities (just had a wonderful interview with Sir Elton John), and has her own little group of "experts" in their fields, including a butler who lets us "in" on many butler secrets, as far as keeping up a home, entertaining, etc. Whether I am sewing, working at home, or spending time on a treadmill, Marilyn is a great companion with whom to spend some time. Again, information available at Marilyn.ca for those who are unable to view the actual broadcasts.
Back to technology...yesterday, Nicholas was discussing digital cameras, photos, etc. Time to apply some of my new-found knowledge now!