Monday, February 28, 2011

Special Sisters...

for two special sisters....a custom order sent to me through email, with a description of both of the being a knitter, a graduate with multiple degrees, and highly involved in her church...the other being someone who is an accomplished singer, musician, gardener, and featured with her prize yellow electric guitar! (how lucky was I that I happened to have one of those guitars!) Such a fun assignment, and photos were sent back and forth, along with the ideas for these sisters, thanks to digital photos!
The photo at the top of the page shows the recipients opening their special gifts. I am told that they were delighted with the personalization, and I am sure that they were very impressed with Sally's resourcefulness in seeking out something that would be so personal to each of them! It was great fun being part of the surprise, and as I often say in occasions like this, I would love to be a "fly on the wall" when these sorts of gifts are presented. I'm always there "in spirit"! :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Nuns of Steel"...

and I have joined a gym. Since the gym is right in the neighborhood, and is open 24 hours a day, "Sister" and I figure that it might actually be a gym membership that is used!
The machines are top-notch, and all of the cardio machines have their own televisions! There's a selling point right there....and no, not because I would park myself on the treadmill just to watch television, but it does help! Each member has a session with a trainer. The trainer I met with is so enthusiastic and friendly. She introduces members to the machines, and develops a routine for one to follow. My day was yesterday, and I am typing this because my fingers are the only things that I can move! By the end of the session, I didn't think that she was so nice or so friendly.
The one good thing about this new experience is that I am fairly certain that I have come up with a new item for my "line". Trainer revenge dolls, just like "voodoo" dolls...pretty sure that I can sell many to new clients at the gym after their first session! Going off to create the first one now.....:)

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Spring "Bonnet"...

worn by "Miss Adelaide"! At this time of year, many hats are prepared for upcoming shows, internet sales, etc. I love having these little hats to give to the little people in my life, and Miss Adelaide is a beautiful model wearing one of them! As her grandmother says, the photographer must have liked the flower at the top rather than off to the side, but nonetheless, she looks adorable in this little rolled brim hat! It is great that it will fit her through the spring and summer as well. I have a few more little hats to drop off to the little girls who have been born lately....have to live vicariously through the lives of other grandparents...but at least I have "grand-students"!
A little touch of spring as we dig out from yet another snowfall....keep warm!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sister Mary Sunshine...

and I were off to the sunny climes of Florida last week for a very brief visit. Nice to have a little break from the snow and the cold that has been plaguing us here for more months than usual! In Florida, we enjoyed temperatures which allowed us to walk around without coats, sweaters, etc. and even enjoy the outdoor pool!
This location was in a downtown area of Tampa, and although there wasn't a beach nearby, the walkways were great for taking in the views of the area, and enjoying the weather before it gets unbearably hot and humid there. The only downfall? Sister Accumulata and I could not find any stores in which to shop! However, Sister Maria Lemieux went to two NHL games, so she was the happiest of the group!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A beautiful video!

Had to take a moment to pass on this video....filmed at the Eaton Centre in Toronto, as forwarded to me. I have watched it many times, and have been amazed, as I always am at this sort of "gathering", at how it was actually accomplished....this is the story I was sent. Enjoy the video, and I am sure that you will "pass it on" as I have!
This is a "flash mob" dance, organized by Kim MacGregor, to honor her best friend Erika Heller, who died of colon cancer last year. Each and every conversation that Kim would have with her friend would end with Erika telling Kim that she was "an amazing woman"! Kim wanted to do something to honor the memory of this dear friend and created this is the result. The effort seems to have honored the memory of many amazing women, as you will see at the close of the video. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thanks to Annie....

"Sister Maddy Tate", the "sister" who loves to practise yoga, has been added to the "order". I was having difficulty coming up with a name for this "sister", which again, is the result of a special order, and invited readers to put forth their suggestions. Annie, from "My Minimocs", came up with some very meaningful suggestions, particularly if you knew a lot about yoga. She also came up with this name for the more generic yoga follower, who might not spend as much time learning about yoga, in terms of traditional beliefs. Thanks, Annie! I will be sending along a special "Sister" to Annie, which she has chosen (sort of) from the collection. She actually narrowed it down to four, and asked me to choose, and I chose.....almost slipped up...she doesn't have it yet, so shhhhh! :)
This new yoga "sister" will be modified slightly when it is available at my "Etsy" shop. In the photo here, she is carrying her yoga mat, and a chart of yoga positions. For future versions, she will carry the mat and a list of positions that she practises. Once she gets more agile at these, she will truly be a "twisted sister"! Coming soon...the chiropractor "sister"...the "untwisted sister"!