Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter pastimes...

...before the "crush" of work in black and white begins, nice to have some time to create some new items for gifts, shows, etc. This particular item was a gift to Cathy, the creator of the beautiful shawl given to me for Christmas. Hard to find something for Cathy that she cannot do for herself...but she does not crochet! Created this circular scarf/cowl in an alpaca mix for her before she does learn to crochet! Too bad that the warmth of this cowl did not prevent her from getting the cold of the century! Feel better, Cathy!


  1. Wow ... the pattern on your crocheted cowl is lovely. I'm sure Cathy will appreciate it's beauty but the thought is even more beautiful. That's a lovely way to honor a friend.
    Snowing there????

  2. Thanks, Meg. It is nice to have a bit of time to do something different, but it is hard to find something to make for someone who does so muh herself!
    A frigid grey day here...stopped snowing, but it is blowing....a nice day to stay home and "nest"!

  3. truly a woman of many talents! this scarf is absolutely beautiful - i hope she feels better soon too! your gift will definitely warm her heart.

  4. Fun to have something different to do! Knit a lot of scarves as gifts for people this season (because the leg injury prevented me from doing too much shopping!) but had to think of something else for this little lady!
    Hope that you are all staying healthy....I think that you have lots of snow your way today as well!

  5. I love my cozy new cowl! It keeps me nice and warm on my winter walks (which I will get back to after this cold/flu thing is gone).

  6. It is not a "match" for the shawl, but it was either that or a "nun" for a gift....and I thought that you had seen quite enough of them, having helped me sell in Toronto! Feel better!