Wednesday, January 26, 2011 January!

Two new additions to the "line" were added, thanks to a customer request. (actually, two customers requesting this at about the same time....great minds think alike!) The request for a male figure, a priest, or minister, resulted in the creation of the ornament, "Father Christmas", now added to the "Etsy" shop. As with the "sisters" in the line, sometimes these are not meant for actual nuns as gifts, but rather biological or "friend sisters". One of these was purchased as a gift for the parish priest, and another for a father figure in the household.
The "Little Sisters" were added as new ornaments this season as well, and had their debut at the "One of a Kind" show. Ideal for a gift "topper", or slipped into a greeting card as a little gift to mail away, this item proved to be popular. There is a wine called "Little Black Dress", and these little "sisters" have graced more than one or two bottles as special gifts for friends. "Girls Night Out" is another wine for which this would be a great addition! Not sure which part of the gift was appreciated more...the wine or the ornament! :)


  1. The ornament ... what a great idea for a creative Christmas gift. It's so great that your customers are so entrenched with your "sisters" that they have fun coming up with new ideas. That's marketing at it's finest.

  2. Thanks, Meg. Christmas is a big part of my life all year round because of the ornament creation....and yes, the customers are the ones who come up with most of the concepts for new "sisters" or "sister"-related ideas!

  3. they're both fabulous!!! i love the idea of attaching to the wine bottle - what a perfect hostess gift actually anytime of year!!!

    p.s. i REALLY REALLY am trying to make up my mind but there are so many cute sister's in the hood!!! i'll convo you soon!

  4. Thanks, Annie. No worries about your selection....your "sister" will be shipped out whenever you decide! :)