Monday, January 3, 2011

Handmade gifts...

are the best! Pictured here is a beautiful handknit shawl knit by Cathy of "ZigZagStitches". Cathy is an accomplished knitter, who, unlike me, knits things that are more complicated than the rectangles I always have on the needles. Difficult to see, but this particular shawl has tiny seed beads knit into the trim. The colors are beautiful, and it is sure to be worn often. What a wonderful surprise today to receive this! She also gave me an entire set of interchangeable needles with cords so that I will always have the right size needles ready to go....for those rectangular projects!
I managed to complete many handknit articles as I recovered from the leg injury of over a month ago. One particular scarf pattern (a more complicated rectangle than usual!) was the gift of choice for friends this year....along with dark chocolate and wine. (one must have antioxidants!)
Another unique gift was homemade granola with cranberries! Wonderful on yogurt, etc. or as a cereal or straight out of the jar! (shhh!) ...and can always count on Gail for her famous shortbread cookies. Thank goodness for these, which are passed off as my own Christmas baking! :)


  1. What an incredibly gorgeous shawl. I'm like you .... rectangles .... but I sew mine altogether to make a blanket like a quilt. Just making the squares ...
    Hmmmm... granola and cranberries, shortbread cookies, dark chocolate and wine ... really great gifts.
    Have a happy new year and tell those "sisters" to behave themselves this year.

  2. the shawl is fabulous!!! what a beautiful gift. i'm sorry to hear about your injury i hope you're feeling better and getting stronger each day! keep up on those antioxidants :o)

  3. Isn't that shawl a treasure? It has so many colors in it that it is going to be very wearable! ....and yes, those antioxidants, particularly the pourable kind, are very helpful! :)

  4. Meg, you will have to post a picture of your finished knitted quilt! Sounds very interesting, and just my kind of project! Can't promise that the "sisters" are going to behave...but they will try!