Wednesday, January 26, 2011 January!

Two new additions to the "line" were added, thanks to a customer request. (actually, two customers requesting this at about the same time....great minds think alike!) The request for a male figure, a priest, or minister, resulted in the creation of the ornament, "Father Christmas", now added to the "Etsy" shop. As with the "sisters" in the line, sometimes these are not meant for actual nuns as gifts, but rather biological or "friend sisters". One of these was purchased as a gift for the parish priest, and another for a father figure in the household.
The "Little Sisters" were added as new ornaments this season as well, and had their debut at the "One of a Kind" show. Ideal for a gift "topper", or slipped into a greeting card as a little gift to mail away, this item proved to be popular. There is a wine called "Little Black Dress", and these little "sisters" have graced more than one or two bottles as special gifts for friends. "Girls Night Out" is another wine for which this would be a great addition! Not sure which part of the gift was appreciated more...the wine or the ornament! :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Two New Sisters....

"Sister Phyllis Driller", the dentist, with her drill and tooth chart....

and "Sister Amelia Love"....the chef extraordinaire...complete with chef's hat and menu board. (keep saying the will "get" it....)
Both currently available in my "Etsy" shop
I am currently working to create a nun who does yoga....a special order, and this one does have a special personal name. The request was for one doing a pose, but sadly, the poor "sister" did not have much flexibility (despite her hours of yoga) and now, will sport a yoga position chart, and carry her yoga mat. When this is added to the "sisterhood", I will need a "punny" name, relating to yoga. "Game on"! "sister" of your choice to the person who sends me the name that I use!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New shop!

When looking for unique greeting cards, or little pieces of art, do have a look at a new shop at "Etsy". Jim of WynneArts is busy stocking his shop with many of his photo creations, which feature photographs, and digital art. He has some great cards for the photographers in your life, as well as some for knitters and spinners. Prints are being added to the shop as well, and again, something for the photographers and camera "buffs" is already there! The shop will be building daily, and truly, even the cards are suitable for framing. Talented guy....and the designer of my website!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

"Steppin' Out"...

or maybe "steppin' in", given icy road conditions! This "sister" is not making any New Year's resolutions, but trying to reach as close to 10,000 steps a day whenever possible. The "Step Sister" plan is thwarted a bit by the bad weather, and the fact that slipping and falling are not an option, particularly since the previous leg injury is still on the "mend". So, thank goodness for the treadmill, which at least allows an opportunity to "add some steps" rather safely. Running up and down the stairs to the computer rather than having the laptop on the main floor helps as well....but it will be great to see the nicer weather and feel inclined to go outside to get these steps in!
The best purchase I have made is this particular pedometer. After having purchased many which attached to belts, waistbands, etc. and fell off or re-set themselves so one really didn't have any idea how many actual steps were taken, did some research and discovered this one. Previous ones would let you add hundreds of steps just by jumping up and down a bit...not this one! It resets itself at midnight, allows to you to see the past seven days efforts, also allows you to see "aerobic" steps, (walking for minutes without stopping), tallies up the distance walked in a day, and has a handy clock as well. Looked high and low for this particular model at sports stores, etc. and managed to find it in our local drugstore! The best part is that this model can be placed in a pocket rather than having to attach it to a waistband, and does not have to be upright in order to work. The "workings" of this pedometer are different than the "pendulum" based pedometers, so it is more "honest" in its calculations. The best part is that it is very difficult to accidently "reset" it back to those steps add up all day without worry of losing count. The number that you may see at the bottom of some future postings will be the number of steps reached in a given day. Very likely not reaching the goal but trying to get closer! Off to "add some steps" now!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter pastimes...

...before the "crush" of work in black and white begins, nice to have some time to create some new items for gifts, shows, etc. This particular item was a gift to Cathy, the creator of the beautiful shawl given to me for Christmas. Hard to find something for Cathy that she cannot do for herself...but she does not crochet! Created this circular scarf/cowl in an alpaca mix for her before she does learn to crochet! Too bad that the warmth of this cowl did not prevent her from getting the cold of the century! Feel better, Cathy!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Flowers in January....

This beautiful arrangement was sent to me for with birthday greetings from my son, with specific instructions to the florist that the arrangement should be "funky"...and it is! It consists of "bird of paradise" flowers, three orange roses, some hydrangea, and some orchids, as well as some tall "twigs". What a nice surprise on a winter's day!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Handmade gifts...

are the best! Pictured here is a beautiful handknit shawl knit by Cathy of "ZigZagStitches". Cathy is an accomplished knitter, who, unlike me, knits things that are more complicated than the rectangles I always have on the needles. Difficult to see, but this particular shawl has tiny seed beads knit into the trim. The colors are beautiful, and it is sure to be worn often. What a wonderful surprise today to receive this! She also gave me an entire set of interchangeable needles with cords so that I will always have the right size needles ready to go....for those rectangular projects!
I managed to complete many handknit articles as I recovered from the leg injury of over a month ago. One particular scarf pattern (a more complicated rectangle than usual!) was the gift of choice for friends this year....along with dark chocolate and wine. (one must have antioxidants!)
Another unique gift was homemade granola with cranberries! Wonderful on yogurt, etc. or as a cereal or straight out of the jar! (shhh!) ...and can always count on Gail for her famous shortbread cookies. Thank goodness for these, which are passed off as my own Christmas baking! :)