Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sisters, Sisters, everywhere!

As promised, photos of the show, and the pre-show preparations! Lots of "sisters" took up residence in the "home gym" part of the house. (they may as well go is the only action that room has seen in a long time! :)
"Project Nunway" as taken from the stairs showing a partial view of the "sisters" prepared for the show, before categorizing them and doing "nun-ventory" so that I would be able to find certain ones as the show progressed....
Set-up of the booth....featuring the "sisters" with a "side" of Christmas....for those wishing some of the items shown at other shows throughout the season....
Under supervision of the life-size "sister"..."Big Sister" is watching! Once again, a great show!


  1. Project Nunway. You kill me. All my friends who attended thought your booth was wonderful and it was. They laughed when I asked them if they had seen the Nuns. Greatest sense of humor at OOAK. I'm glad it was a roarin" success.

  2. Thanks, Meg! Glad that your friends share my sense of humor! :)
    Wish I could afford the time, money, and energy to be there for the whole show! Enjoy that trip! Loving your photos!

  3. Your booth was certainly "nun" too shabby! Everyone who visited left with a smile and a laugh - it was certainly a good pick-me-up booth in the middle-ish part of the show. The Sisters are one "habit" allowed in every home! I hope many more homes are sporting them now.

  4. It was so good meeting you at the show! It was a great show...except for the tumble I took crossing a road on Friday night! Three days of standing with an injured leg! I will have to create a clumsy, klutzy "sister"! :)