Sunday, December 12, 2010

Neighbors at the show!

Meet Pamela artist! Pamela was our "neighbor" at the "One of a Kind" show this year. In addition to being intrigued by her lovely jewelry designs, done in gold and silver, we were thrilled to meet Pamela, her sister, her mother, and the rest of the family! So much fun to have working near us!
Pamela studied her craft after having a successful career in the corporate world. She left that to start her own business, and exhibited at this year's show for the entire eleven days! Visit Pamela's site to read and see more of this talented young lady's work! I am already starting to save up for a coveted piece of jewelry from her line when I see her at next year's show!amela’s designs are distinguished by stylized curves, dramatic angles, and captivating twists. All jewellery features a contrasting high-polish and textured finish to accentuate its striking f


  1. Pamela is a very talented lady. I too, left the corporate world to take up the artisan lifestyle. Good luck to her and I bet she is a lot happier. One of the good aspects of doing the OOAK is meeting the great people also in the show. During those long, long days, it's fun to have someone to talk and laugh with. Nice of you to share Pamela's talent with us.

  2. You do have to admire those (like you!) who leave the security of that sort of employment to follow their dream! I think that the young people of today are quicker to come to that decision....
    The show was a wonderful place to meet these talented artisans! Can't wait until you are there again, too, Meg!