Sunday, December 19, 2010

Handspun from Newfoundland!

Meet Shawn O'Hagan, of "Island Sweet" handspun yarns! Shawn was one of my lovely "neighbors" at the "One of a Kind" show. She dyes and spins her own yarn, plus at this show, had some great kits, complete with handmade knitting needles!

Beautiful handspun and hand-dyed yarn from Shawn's line. She had very little in her booth after just a few days of the show! Very popular artist, but sadly will not be returning to the show in the future...just too difficult to keep up with the demand! One can purchase her yarn and items in her "Etsy" shop, and there will be more items arriving after the holiday break. Every skein has a name! I have just knit a cowl as a gift for someone and it was called "whirling dirvish"!
One of Shawn's lovely cowls, all "made up", and now in the hands of some lucky buyer!

Although we will miss Shawn's presence at the show in the future, it is great to know that she will be able to keep up with the demand as she expands on her internet sales in the upcoming year.


  1. So nice of you to feature Shawn and her beautiful spun wool and products. I will check her shop out on Etsy.
    Happy Holidays to all the Sisters.

  2. Shawn was so busy at the show that she practically ran out of her "wares"! I was glad to get a couple of skeins...that, and some other knitting, is what people are getting this year. Had a nasty leg injury while I was in Toronto, and am still "doctoring" for that! More to follow, but glad that I have knitting if I have to keep still! Happy holidays to you, Meg!