Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mission Accomplished...almost!

Just finished a fourteen-hour day in the workroom, preparing almost the last items for the show that starts this Thursday, and, for me, which continues for five days. Other brave artisans are there for eleven days, and these are long days...the show beginning at 10 a.m. each day and running until 9 p.m. However, it is a brisk, fun show, and it is great to see wonderful talent from across the country. If you are in the Toronto area, visit the "One of a Kind" show from November 25th-Dec. 5th! You will be glad that you did!
Will share pictures in the next post, but the camera can wait for today! Joining the "order" of "Sisters" for this show are "Sister Mary Melody", the piano enthusiast, "Sister Phyllis Driller", the dentist, and the chef, "Sister Amelia Love". These are literally "hot off the press"...just finished the last of "Amelia" a few moments ago. Pleased with the way that these concepts turned out...the ideas linger for a long time before realization!
Always like to have a number of each "Sister" for customers seeking a special gift. This did not seem to be a huge task until I realized that there about thirty more varieties in the group than there were a few years ago, these new ones often being a result of a request for a special order. I am full of ideas as to how to avoid the last minute "burn out" next year. However, although I do have a good memory, it is short. Already thinking of the personal projects I can now pursue, (after this show!) and no doubt, I will be writing a similar "burn out" article next year. :)


  1. Hooray! I'm glad I will get to see your booth this year. It's such a perfect fit for Nun-of-a-Kind to be at One of a Kind!

    I'd love to see the pian enthusiast! Sounds fun!

  2. I am quite glad that I didn't make my quota...I can't fit another thing in the van! Looking forward to meeting you in person!