Thursday, October 14, 2010

"Kidlids" and some great models!

During the last two recent shows, the "Kidlids" have had the good fortune to be purchased by some fine looking little models. This little "pumpkin" is sporting a chenille "kidlid", and seemed very excited about it! :)
Wearing this lovely cotton "chapeau" is Samantha...and how cute is she! A perfect model who would make anything look good! Many new designs ready for the next show this weekend!


  1. WhoooHooooo! What cutie-pies! I love the name of your caps - ingenious.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Thanks, Sue. The baby girl ones are also subtitled "Baby Gaga" and the boy caps are "Dapper Dudes"....wish I had little models at home to wear them, but people are starting to send me their pictures, so that "works"!
    Have a great weekend, and I hope that you get some encouraging news soon.

  3. Those little hats are so cute. How about making some for us "Lady Gagas". Strawberry would be a great color. It's great when you get your customers to send you pictures of your products in use. Great branding.
    Good luck at all your shows.

  4. Thanks, Meg! I am at work on some "Lady Gaga's" right now! Of course, can't use that name! Seriously, the hats are popular with all ages, but have to abandon making them now to get those "sisters", Santas, and angels ready for the show in Toronto!
    Is your trip still "on"?