Saturday, October 23, 2010

Cookies for Santa!

"Guess who" will be here in two short months, and he will be expecting cookies! (or something more interesting!) Part of the show line is this little "Santa" plate which is personalized for the child, or children, to set out each season for "Santa" to know where his special snack is! Each one of these is hand-lettered, and illustrated, and I think that I can do them in my sleep now! The plates are currently available at the "Etsy" site.
As that date was typed, it makes one realize how much has to get done in the next two months...and that is not even the personal stuff! Preparing for the "One of a Kind" show in Toronto, which takes place from November 25th-December 5th. This year, "Nun of a Kind" will be exhibiting from November 25th-November 29th, the first five days of the show. The selection will feature all of the "Nun of a Kind" sisters, plus ornaments and a little "side" of Christmas characters. Back to work!!


  1. Another cute item. Perfect for a family Christmas. Good luck at the OOAK show. I know you'll do well.

  2. Thanks, Meg! Would rather be where you are going!

  3. A fantastic item Linda! I wish I had some
    little child to give one of these to. I bet they will do really well for you.

    PS I love Honey Crisp apples! Wish they were available for a longer period of time.


  4. Thanks, Sue. These are part of my standard baby gift now...something with the baby's name on it, plus their first decoration!
    I am finding those apples a lot longer into the season now....but really craving them now!
    Also, read about your daughter's upcoming surgery. Will have all of the "sisters" praying that all goes extremely well!