Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shopping with....

"Sister Accumulata", the newest "sister" in the "order". She is the "sister" who loves to shop for various "nun-cessities", and carries her shopping bag, and her credit card from "Sister-bank". Her motto is "Let us pay"....and she is meant for all of the "sisters" in your life who enjoy retail therapy. Thanks to Jim from Wynnearts for the creation of her credit card....
At the shows at which the "sisters" are exhibited, there are often requests for those which would best suit a friend, relative, etc. and "Sister Accumulata" is a result of that request...a request that occurred many times before her actual creation. I once found little shopping bags which were part of a "Martha Stewart" line for her scrapbooking items. Although, for my purposes, they were somewhat pricey, I did purchase them. Of course, the next time that they were needed, this particular item was nowhere to be found! Again, it is the "findings" which I make myself that are easiest because I do not have to worry about other sources. "Sister's" shopping bag was created from a white envelope. A bit tricky, but I am sure with practice, this too will get easier!
I am sure that "Sister Accumulata" can be found frequenting major department stores looking for that "little black dress"....$$!
(Sister Accumulata is currently available in my "Etsy" shop....)


  1. Another great sister .... love her name and she will be a runaway success from all your fans that are also Sister Accumulatas as well. What a perfect gift for Christmas.

    I am really amazed how you make your props for your sisters. That would be a really interesting post.

  2. Thanks, Meg! Sometime after the holiday rush, I will think about doing a post on that sort of thing. I can't always make the props, but it helps to know that my "supply" will not run out if a manufacturer decides to stop making the little object I need for a given "sister".