Saturday, September 25, 2010

Required Reading...

Oprah tells me, yet again. My busiest time of year, when I should be abandoning any sort of reading except a quick magazine article, and I once again fall for the commandments from Oprah's book club. This new selection, which I just picked up, is "Freedom" by Jonathan Franzen. I have no idea what it is about, but Oprah told me to read it, so that is what I will do. She has told me to read many other books along the way, and I have obeyed. I enjoyed many of them, and a few left me wondering why I was continuing to read when I had absolutely no understanding of said book. Not sure if it was the books or me, but a few of them were abandoned along the way...and I always finish a book, whether I like it or not, so this was breaking my own commandment. The jury is out on this "Oprah" selection...and I hope that I do not even think of starting it until a lot more of the "sisters" are ready for my upcoming shows. Think I will lend it to "Sister Paige Turner" first.....


  1. Wasn't it so strange that she chose another selection from Jonathan Franzen after all the drama from his last Oprah selection? I use to read some of her books but I started to find that they were all similar. I do think it is great that she has encouraged people to read which is wonderful. Apparently, this is the last book that will be selected.
    But, I do like "Sister Paige Turner". Those of us who love to read could have her join our personal book club. Always love the names of your sisters.

  2. Yes, that was quite a fiasco last time with that same author! I agree, that the encouragement of reading is the main thing. Just wish that I had written something that was "Oprah" worthy....his book is already number one in sales!!

  3. I'm glad that she is giving this author another chance. I love reading (rarely watch tv), although I have found some of Oprah's suggestions not to my liking. I'll probably give this one a go when our library has it available.

    Thanks so much for your (and the Sisters) kind thoughts and the hug! Means a lot to me!



  4. I find myself in the same situation as far as "Oprah's picks" go...some have been excellent, and some just escape me. However, this one looks good, and I, too, would wait until the library had it, in an attempt to "cull" my home library, but weakened, and bought it....along with another one called "The Room" which was recommended on a program this morning. Will be hard not to "break into" them before the busy season ends!
    Again, my thoughts are with you....the waiting has to be the hardest part.
    More hugs,