Monday, September 13, 2010

"Art in the Park"!

was a successful day for all involved, in that everyone had "their share" of the business, and the rain held out until the precise moment that the show was officially over. This meant that the packing up happened in the rain, but at least the show was a "draw" for many visitors. Many "sisters" left the "order", and need to be replaced for the upcoming shows. This is one of the shows at which I can bring other items in addition to the "Sisters" and Christmas, so there was quite a variety. The little hats that are at the "Sticks and Strings" shop on "Etsy" were a big hit...and I managed to give away many baby gifts to little ones with whom I have not had the time to connect! My attempt at having a selection of sock monkeys was successful, and the basket of those dwindled away as the day progressed as well. "Santa" plates were personalized for the little ones, and these will be a part of the first three shows to come.
Was great to see people that I haven't seen in quite a while...(Sue, Joan....we are still planning to have those luncheon dates!) plus students, friends, and co-workers. Did not get much of a chance to go and shop, nor did I get a chance to take pictures of the rest of the show, which I am sure would have been of interest. Thanks to Carol and Brenda for their help with the show...I would still be setting up if it were not for them!
The canopy is put away for another year, and I must say, I am glad that the worry of an outdoor show is over for another year. The organizers of this show did a great job, as usual, and I am sure that next year's plans are already underway!
The "sisters" will be off to visit Lisette and her friends this coming Saturday, and we are looking forward to our visit there. A little "home show"....should be interesting and fun!


  1. It sounds like the show was a ripping success. I'll have to go back to your Etsy shop and see some of the items that I am not as familiar with.
    Now onward and upward to Christmas shows!!

  2. Meg, many items are not on "Etsy", except the hats, to which I devoted its own little site. However, I am able to bring them to most of the shows, except the "One of a Kind" which features only the "Sisters" and my Christmas collection. Are you heading to any shows in the future??

  3. Woohoo! I'm glad to hear it was a successful event! Your booth looked chok full of pretties! Love your shelving idea. You are one "sister" who's got it goin' on!

  4. Thanks, Lisa! That shelving trick is great when you have one van and a lot to transport. Folds down to lie flat and all of the stock can travel on top of it. Do you have any shows coming up?

  5. SO glad that it was such a success for you Linda. Loved seeing your setup too - have to agree with Lisa that the shelving is great.



  6. Thanks, Sue! A great outdoor sale is just avoiding weather issues! The shelving is something that we have done for years, but last year, we stained everything in "Maritime White" rather than the pine stain that was on before. Makes a difference.
    Hope that all is well with you...any shows on the horizon for you?

  7. Oh, I see the striped sock monkey now! "Oui, c'est cute!"

  8. Great Nuns...glad I found you!! enjoy...

  9. Thanks, Julie! New "Sisters" always being added to the order, so come back and visit often!