Saturday, September 25, 2010

Required Reading...

Oprah tells me, yet again. My busiest time of year, when I should be abandoning any sort of reading except a quick magazine article, and I once again fall for the commandments from Oprah's book club. This new selection, which I just picked up, is "Freedom" by Jonathan Franzen. I have no idea what it is about, but Oprah told me to read it, so that is what I will do. She has told me to read many other books along the way, and I have obeyed. I enjoyed many of them, and a few left me wondering why I was continuing to read when I had absolutely no understanding of said book. Not sure if it was the books or me, but a few of them were abandoned along the way...and I always finish a book, whether I like it or not, so this was breaking my own commandment. The jury is out on this "Oprah" selection...and I hope that I do not even think of starting it until a lot more of the "sisters" are ready for my upcoming shows. Think I will lend it to "Sister Paige Turner" first.....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Shopping with....

"Sister Accumulata", the newest "sister" in the "order". She is the "sister" who loves to shop for various "nun-cessities", and carries her shopping bag, and her credit card from "Sister-bank". Her motto is "Let us pay"....and she is meant for all of the "sisters" in your life who enjoy retail therapy. Thanks to Jim from Wynnearts for the creation of her credit card....
At the shows at which the "sisters" are exhibited, there are often requests for those which would best suit a friend, relative, etc. and "Sister Accumulata" is a result of that request...a request that occurred many times before her actual creation. I once found little shopping bags which were part of a "Martha Stewart" line for her scrapbooking items. Although, for my purposes, they were somewhat pricey, I did purchase them. Of course, the next time that they were needed, this particular item was nowhere to be found! Again, it is the "findings" which I make myself that are easiest because I do not have to worry about other sources. "Sister's" shopping bag was created from a white envelope. A bit tricky, but I am sure with practice, this too will get easier!
I am sure that "Sister Accumulata" can be found frequenting major department stores looking for that "little black dress"....$$!
(Sister Accumulata is currently available in my "Etsy" shop....)

Monday, September 13, 2010

"Art in the Park"!

was a successful day for all involved, in that everyone had "their share" of the business, and the rain held out until the precise moment that the show was officially over. This meant that the packing up happened in the rain, but at least the show was a "draw" for many visitors. Many "sisters" left the "order", and need to be replaced for the upcoming shows. This is one of the shows at which I can bring other items in addition to the "Sisters" and Christmas, so there was quite a variety. The little hats that are at the "Sticks and Strings" shop on "Etsy" were a big hit...and I managed to give away many baby gifts to little ones with whom I have not had the time to connect! My attempt at having a selection of sock monkeys was successful, and the basket of those dwindled away as the day progressed as well. "Santa" plates were personalized for the little ones, and these will be a part of the first three shows to come.
Was great to see people that I haven't seen in quite a while...(Sue, Joan....we are still planning to have those luncheon dates!) plus students, friends, and co-workers. Did not get much of a chance to go and shop, nor did I get a chance to take pictures of the rest of the show, which I am sure would have been of interest. Thanks to Carol and Brenda for their help with the show...I would still be setting up if it were not for them!
The canopy is put away for another year, and I must say, I am glad that the worry of an outdoor show is over for another year. The organizers of this show did a great job, as usual, and I am sure that next year's plans are already underway!
The "sisters" will be off to visit Lisette and her friends this coming Saturday, and we are looking forward to our visit there. A little "home show"....should be interesting and fun!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

First Show of the Season...

is fast approaching! It takes place this Saturday, September 11th, and is an outdoor show. A great event held by the Gallery in the Grove, and each year, seems to get a little better...if that is possible! The Gallery hosts about 100 vendors in our beautiful park. These days, the "spots" are assigned, and upon registration the morning of the show, or the evening before, one is able to partially or totally set up. I have done this particular show for years, and the signal that it was time to go and set up was when I looked out my diningroom window and saw flashlights in the park! A quick call to my friend who was the other "half" of our duo "back in the day", and we were on our way. We have been blessed with wonderful weather but for a few times...only one which required the show to close. It is a great event, and a one-day show, so after visiting with many customers, former students, and friends, the packing up begins, and the tent is put away for another year. I love this show, but I am very happy not to do other outdoor shows any longer. As it is, the "Weather Network" app on my ipod will be overworked this week as the forecast changes again and again. Those "Sisters" of mine are praying for great weather...and I think that they have some great connections! :)