Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sister Brigitte Bardough in the Kitchen....

and it isn't pretty! This recipe is likely very successful for some, but my effort has turned my kitchen into a sticky mess! Although the end result didn't quite turn out the way I planned, I am sure that the little people eating these "marshmallow treats" will enjoy them,..."nun" the less!
First saw this recipe done for a school bake sale I was having with my students. One of the parents brought these and they were a "hit". Of course, they were...they are practically all sugar...o.k., they are all sugar, when you consider the ingredients. However, every year my friend has a huge family reunion, and I usually contribute something to the event for the kids in the group. This year, I thought I would give that bake sale treat a try!
First problem....could not find the recipe anywhere! Typed the ingredients into "Google" and sure enough, several of that type of recipe appeared. Purchased the four ingredients...marshmallows, a bag of caramels, sweetened condensed milk, and butter. (rationalizing that this is a treat, not something that they would routinely eat!) The first step is to put the caramels, 1/2 cup butter, and the sweetened condensed milk in a double boiler....which I no longer have since I replaced my pots and pans! (found that out after I unwrapped all of the caramels.) Fashioned one out of two pots that I did have, and melted those ingredients together. Took a while, because it could so easily burn. Once this is done, marshmallows are dipped in the caramel mixture, and rolled in the rice krispies. For some reason, the ones that I saw at that bake sale looked a whole lot neater than the ones with which I ended up!
Placed the completed ones, such as they were, in a shallow dish, covered them, and put them in the fridge. Now, to deal with the kitchen and the caramel drippings from my efforts....and the rice krispie remnants that seem to be sticking all over the place....
Serves me right for giving sugar to other people's children....


  1. Don't know what I like better .... the caramel treats or Sister Brigitte Bardough? She's definitely another winner.

  2. "Serves me right for giving sugar to other people's children...."

    LOL - a very entertaining post. Sister Brigitte Bardough is adorable too. If she blessed the recipe, I'm sure they will be a hit no matter how messy they look!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Sorry I took so long to notice your comments! For some reason, I was not getting notice of them!
    Yes, the treats were good, despite the way that they looked!

  4. Hee, love this post (although my teeth were truly aching when I read the ingredients of the treats). Love Sister BarDough!



  5. I know! I felt a litte (lot!) guilty when I made these because I basically try to get through the day without any overt sugar....however, a treat is alright once in a while....but this one couldn't get any sweeter!!