Sunday, August 1, 2010

New from the "Sis" List!

...these lovely handmade glass beads by "Lush Lampwork" on "Etsy". The green shades of beads are designed to fit "Pandora" bracelet systems. The Pandora bracelets are very popular at the moment, and offer a wide selection of silver, gold, and glass beads as well. However, this work by "Lush Lampwork" would be a lovely addition to any bracelet. They are available in purple, blue, and amber tones as well, and featured silver accents on each bead. I am promising myself the blue collection.....and the purple, amber and green as well! :) I can imagine these beads strung together on a silver chain as a necklace as well. Just beautiful!
Also featured is a brighter collection of beads with the silver accents. These are all handmade in her own little studio in Malvern, Worchestershire, U.K. and are shipped very reasonably to destinations in the U.S. and Canada.
Looking forward to placing my first order for these! Such a nice addition to the "Pandora" bracelets, but so nice on their own as well. Hope that she can make them fast enough for the "onslaught" of holiday sales!


  1. Very pretty product. Good eye Linda.

  2. Thanks, Meg. Yes, she does lovely work. Looking forward to placing my order!

  3. Oh these are pretty! My daughter Keara has a troll bracelet (same idea as Pandora) and I just ordered two Pandora/Troll beads from Etsy for her. Unfortunately, I did not see these (although I know she will love the ones she is getting).


  4. There are some great beads and charms on "Etsy" that fit the bracelets. I just love the Pandora bracelets and their own charms, but there are some nice alternatives available as well! Hope that Keara likes hers!