Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Little Sisters"...

added to the "Nun of a Kind" collection. Ornaments for the tree, or package toppers...
"Sister Holly Day", holding a wreath, the flying "Sister", "Spiritual Airlines", and "Sister Noel", the singing "sister"...soon to be added to the "Etsy" shop, sold individually, or as a group.
As usual, this item was the result of a special order, and prompted me to add to the ornament collection of my business. Coming soon...."O Brother"....monk ornaments, again, suggested by a special order...this one is still on the "drawing board"! :)


  1. Cute .... very cute for Christmas. I like the idea of the "O Brother" too.

  2. I ran into Sister Adele Fideles and she said that she would love to join the Singing Sisters this Christmas.

  3. Thanks, Joan and Meg! For some reason, I was not getting notice about comments to approve! So all of these comments have been sitting in a file waiting! I wondered why things were so "quiet"!
    Love the name "Sister Adele Fideles"...might have to use that one! :)

  4. Linda, this is a fabulous idea and I think should be big sellers for you. Glad you are adding them to the Sisterhood! O Brother sounds like a very cool idea too!


  5. Thanks, Sue! I am very pleased with these. The "O brother" ornament is taking a while though...the first one looked like a brown elf! Needs to be modified, but I think I have an idea to fix it. Hope that you are feeling better!!