Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday....

on a Tuesday, and not wordless. Just a few shots of a hazy sunset at our local beach on a lovely August evening. Hard to believe that the summer is almost over, but weather-wise, a great one around here. Lots of beach-time, pool time, and reading on the deck. Now, reality is hitting....first show in a few weeks, so have been dedicating mornings to production, and still trying to get to a few of those special orders....
In the meantime, trying to find the balance between enjoying the days, and equally enjoying a rainy day (which has been very rare this summer) in order to justify not being outdoors, but rather, hard at work for the onslaught of the fall shows. Hoping that you all are enjoying these last days of summer!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shaken, not Stirred....

is the order of the day for "Sister Anita Martini"!
This "sister" is always at the mercy of finding just the right trim for the martini glass, and thankfully, these objects have been discovered!! Of course, this "sister" is enjoying cocktails/mocktails during this never-ending summer...(what a great summer it has been!!)
Curiously enough, this "sister" has found a great martini to share with guests, etc. Heaven forbid that a bottle of this be around without other people being present, because it is just too good!! There is a product available at our local liquor store called "Sinsations"...and it is a chocolate martini all ready to pour! Too easy, and delicious! A bottle of this goes a long way poured over ice in martini glasses, and saves buying all of the ingredients one would usually need to prepare a martini like that. Too delicious to have around, though, unless there are several people waiting for their own martini. Of course, it would be delicious...it is chocolate!!
....and no, there is none in the house right now! :)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Little Sisters"...

added to the "Nun of a Kind" collection. Ornaments for the tree, or package toppers...
"Sister Holly Day", holding a wreath, the flying "Sister", "Spiritual Airlines", and "Sister Noel", the singing "sister"...soon to be added to the "Etsy" shop, sold individually, or as a group.
As usual, this item was the result of a special order, and prompted me to add to the ornament collection of my business. Coming soon...."O Brother"....monk ornaments, again, suggested by a special order...this one is still on the "drawing board"! :)

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sister Brigitte Bardough in the Kitchen....

and it isn't pretty! This recipe is likely very successful for some, but my effort has turned my kitchen into a sticky mess! Although the end result didn't quite turn out the way I planned, I am sure that the little people eating these "marshmallow treats" will enjoy them,..."nun" the less!
First saw this recipe done for a school bake sale I was having with my students. One of the parents brought these and they were a "hit". Of course, they were...they are practically all sugar...o.k., they are all sugar, when you consider the ingredients. However, every year my friend has a huge family reunion, and I usually contribute something to the event for the kids in the group. This year, I thought I would give that bake sale treat a try!
First problem....could not find the recipe anywhere! Typed the ingredients into "Google" and sure enough, several of that type of recipe appeared. Purchased the four ingredients...marshmallows, a bag of caramels, sweetened condensed milk, and butter. (rationalizing that this is a treat, not something that they would routinely eat!) The first step is to put the caramels, 1/2 cup butter, and the sweetened condensed milk in a double boiler....which I no longer have since I replaced my pots and pans! (found that out after I unwrapped all of the caramels.) Fashioned one out of two pots that I did have, and melted those ingredients together. Took a while, because it could so easily burn. Once this is done, marshmallows are dipped in the caramel mixture, and rolled in the rice krispies. For some reason, the ones that I saw at that bake sale looked a whole lot neater than the ones with which I ended up!
Placed the completed ones, such as they were, in a shallow dish, covered them, and put them in the fridge. Now, to deal with the kitchen and the caramel drippings from my efforts....and the rice krispie remnants that seem to be sticking all over the place....
Serves me right for giving sugar to other people's children....

Sunday, August 1, 2010

New from the "Sis" List!

...these lovely handmade glass beads by "Lush Lampwork" on "Etsy". The green shades of beads are designed to fit "Pandora" bracelet systems. The Pandora bracelets are very popular at the moment, and offer a wide selection of silver, gold, and glass beads as well. However, this work by "Lush Lampwork" would be a lovely addition to any bracelet. They are available in purple, blue, and amber tones as well, and featured silver accents on each bead. I am promising myself the blue collection.....and the purple, amber and green as well! :) I can imagine these beads strung together on a silver chain as a necklace as well. Just beautiful!
Also featured is a brighter collection of beads with the silver accents. These are all handmade in her own little studio in Malvern, Worchestershire, U.K. and are shipped very reasonably to destinations in the U.S. and Canada.
Looking forward to placing my first order for these! Such a nice addition to the "Pandora" bracelets, but so nice on their own as well. Hope that she can make them fast enough for the "onslaught" of holiday sales!