Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Garden of "Weedin"

A quick post about the weed mentioned in a gardening post earlier on....the one that I have been "chasing" all through all of the gardens in the back yard. Mentioned it to people at the nursery, and they assured me that it was, in fact, morning glory, and that it seeds very easily. Wish it were that! Upon further research, and reading of many "posts" about this, have found out that this is "bind weed"....and it does just that! Wraps itself around plants, and if allowed to flower (and yes, it does look like morning glory!) then goes to seed, and spreads...everywhere! Various suggestions....spray, pull, don't pull, take out all of the plants and start again (are they kidding me??) and finally, this last bit of advice, which I am taking to heart.
quoted from a gardening post by someone named "Michelle"...however, I might change out the "beer" part of the method to "wine".

I use the organic and coffee approach.
In the morning, drink coffee, pull bind weed.
In the evening, drink beer, pull bind weed.
The means justify the end. :-)


  1. LOL...and here I thought you were referring to a very different kind of 'weed' that often binds friends together when they are 'chllin'

    Anyway, I KNOW exactly what your week is - it is also in our garden and climbing our trees. Our evergreens at the moment have more vine on them then needles. My very elderly next door neighbour told me it was nightshade. ???? I don't know but I do know that you can pull and pull - and pull, and it is neverending.

    Happy Canada Day Linda!



  2. Hi, Sue! I went and changed the title after reading your comment! I didn't even think of what that read as....!! :) Sorry to hear that you have a similar issue in your garden...I think that getting rid of vines is very difficult, but if I count weeding as an exercise, then maybe I will get rid of most of it! Good luck with your "nightshade" I have to go and look that up to see if that is yet another "thing" in the garden!

  3. Weeding to me is like vacuuming. You do it and 4 days later, you have to do it again. With all this rain, the weeds are in heaven. I have a new solution ... get a weed whacker. I now whack the darn weeds, vines, anything in my way.

  4. That is a great idea...except that these darn vines are wrapping themselves around the plant. However, might work for some of the others! Half way around the yard today...very therapeutic to see the difference. Vinegar and a bit of dish soap works very well for weeds in any paving stones, too!
    This, and the nice weather, is really keeping me from working!