Monday, July 26, 2010

Nuns on the Run!

Just a quick entry to direct you to Priscilla Mae's blog posted recently. Briefly, it tells the tale of two nuns who were going to be sent away to a "retirement" residence of sorts, much to their dismay. These feisty ladies were having "nun" of that! Have a look at the article and the great picture to hear the whole story!
....and while you are visiting the blog, do have a look at the two new designs that Meg has been creating, posted in her latest entry. Love the new pillows, and the addition of the Eiffel tower prop gets me every time!


  1. What a great lady you are... this is so nice. I am trying to keep in touch with the news to see if the "wayward nuns" have returned or been found. In my heart, I hope not. I would love to go find them and see how they are enjoying their new freedom.
    What do you think they are doing???

  2. Hmmm.....with all of the "habits" that I can imagine they have, I just hope that they are enjoying their freedom....and the fact that they are not out on ice flow somewhere, left to drift away! Smart ladies! (maybe they are at a cafe in Paris....)