Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lessons from the Nuns....

are easily found in this presentation of "Late Night Catechism". Thanks to Meg who sent along this link and reminded me about this great show, which I have yet to see! I believe that it is basically a "one-woman" show, and the idea is that "Sister" presents her lessons, all the while interacting with the audience, just as a Catholic Nun would have done "back in the day" (or perhaps even today???), chiding them for wearing skirts too short, taking away cellphones (all in good fun!) and having someone face the blackboard as punishment...perhaps for chewing gum. In addition to having some fun with this premise, there are lessons in catechism along the way, and in this clip, you will hear that questions are asked of "Sister", and she answers them in a factual, but humorous, way. This show has never been performed around my town, but I would love to see it someday. The "Nun of a Kind" figures, however, have made it into the hands of some of the people involved in this show as gifts for producers, etc.
Enjoy the video! (I have yet to master actually being able to have a "screen" ready to go on a blog like many others do. (like Sue, from "Barton Originals") Technically, I am inept. Pray for me!


  1. Yea .. you used it. It a perfect fit with all your wonderful "sisters."

  2. Hi Linda!

    Glad to hear that it is cooling down in your neck of Ontario (still feels like 100F here at
    10:22 pm). Humidity Go Away!!!!

    To add a video to your blog post, if it is from YouTube, click on the little "Embed" label under the video and then copy the text that comes up in the box next to it.

    Then go back to your blog and click on the "HTML" button at the top (next to the Compose) button. Then paste the embed code into your blog wherever you want it.

    I write my blog posts in "Compose" mode, however to insert the embed code you have to
    use the HTML mode for that particular task.

    Oh...forgot to tell you that I blogged about
    you angels the other day and I hope it helps.

    Good luck with the embedding videos and email me if you have any questions.



  3. Yes, Meg, it was great to have an example of this! I really hope that I get a chance one day to see the actual performance. I would imagine that no two could be alike! Thanks for giving me the link! :)

  4. Hi, Sue...
    Thanks for the info about using a video on a blog. I will attempt that another time...or maybe try to edit this one! Thanks for the mention on your blog....I must have missed it, so will go and look now. Something about major "heat" in this area that has made me resort to reading in a cool place, and ignoring the computer!